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For the past eight years I’ve been going back to the same delicious and healthy fruit smoothie recipe again and again.

It’s got only three ingredients (completely natural), but I promise you that the taste will blow you away.

The ingredients are raw and vegan, and they create the type of drink that will help you slim your waist line and leave you feeling more energetic.

I usually drink this in place of a meal, and it supplies enough calories for me to go about my day with energy or do a hard work out.

Check out the video to learn how to make it.

Blender: Several of you have asked me what blender I’m using. It’s a Vitamix. You can learn more here:


This smoothie is a great example of the tasty food you can eat all day on a healthy, low fat raw vegan diet.

I’ve used that diet to escape my intestinal disease, colitis, lose 58 pounds, and feel far more alive energetic.

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