How to Make Chicken Elbow Macaroni or Chicken Elbow Pasta This Dish is Based from China, and Elbow kind of Macaroni/Pasta is most common in Pakistan & India.You can serve at any Time (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).


Elbow Macaroni 200 Grams
Chicken 150 Grams
Hot Sauce 1 Tbsp
Ketchup 2 Tbsp
Ginger Garlic Paste 1 Tbsp
Vinegar 2 Tbsp
Soya Sauce 1 Tbsp
Oil 1/4 Cup
Sugar 1/2 Cup
Carrots 1/2 Cup
Spring Onion 1/2 Cup
Capsicum 1/2 Cup
Cabbage 1 Cup


1. Boil Water and add 1 Tbsp salt and Oil
2. Add Macaroni and boil them for 10 Mins until it cook.
3. Then Drain out Elbow Macaroni and add tap water in it and
then drain out in a bowl.

4. Heat Oil and add Chicken , Ginger Garlic Paste and cook Chicken
until water of chicken dried.
5. Add all sauces and spices i.e : Vinegar, Soya Sauce, Hot Sauce
Ketchup, Salt, Sugar and black pepper.
6. Cook Them for 5 Mins
7. Add Macaroni and mix them well and cover it with the lid
and cook for 5 Mins .
8. Dish out Elbow Macaroni & Enjoy it.
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