How to cook Dried Okra Soup- Miyan busheshen kubewa

Dried Okro soup is popularly known among the Northern Nigerians as ‘Miyan busheshen kubewa’, It is a viscous soup prepared from roughly chopped sun -dried Okro. This is to say that the Okro were too hard to follow into the pot of freshly chopped okra which led to sun drying it.

The Okra is usually sliced into round shapes, dried under the sun till crispy then pounded or blended with mill or blender into powdery form. The concept of slicing and blending of Okro implies that “there is no room for wastage”, some foods can be recycled or reprocessed into something useful.

What makes this soup special is the fact that it has a nutty taste , this nutty taste is gotten from some very flavourful traditional ingredients called dawadawa (locust beans) and also from the a special herbs called ashanti pepper leaf ( uziza). Dried okra soup has a richer flavour more than the popular fresh green Okra and it usually gets tastier the following day.

Ingredients fo preparing dried okra soup

• 6 teaspoons of grinded okro (Busheshen miyan kubewa)
• ½ kilo Assorted meat- cow hide, (offal)
• 2 cooking spoons palm oil
• A handful uziza (ashanti pepper leaf and bitter leaf
• 5 pieces smoked fish
• 3 teaspoons grinded crayfish
• 5 Pieces fresh pepper
• 1 Ball onion
• 2 Pieces caked locust beans (Dawadawa). I used okpei.
• 4 Seasoning cubes
• Salt to taste

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