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Jackfruit, The Secret Smoothie Ingredient You’ll Never Forget

This is a smoothie recipe you won’t forget. If you are lucky enough to either live in a tropical area where jackfruit grows or you’re able to find in a the grocery store take a few pods of jackfruit and make this recipe. The strawberry and coconut water go so well with jackfruit, its so refreshing and delicious. Jackfruit doesn’t make good smoothies with everything though, it’s very delicate when it comes to mixing flavors. It’s difficult for me to try different recipes as I can’t get my hands on it very often. I do know if you put too many ingredients into your smoothie you’ll end up with this weird muddled taste of jackfruit. Since jackfruit is such a strong taste it need to be promoent in the smoothie so I’d take this recipe and replace teh strawberry with something else to make new recipes. If you have an endless supply of jackfruit try other things out, I’d love to try making a rich, coco / nutty jackfruit smoothie, although I think the next supply of jackfruit I’ll be trying a jackfruit + raspberry smoothie.

My coconut kiwi smoothie:

My basic weight loss juice:

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