Beef-3/4 kg

Green chilli-15

Curry leaves-3 string

Garlic-12 cloves

Ginger- thin slices

Oil – for frying

For marination

Chilli Powder-1 tbsp

Soya sauce-1tbsp



Green chilli-3 (slits)

Chilli Paste-2tbsp

Corn flour-3 tbsp


Cut beef into thin strips .. The length of the slice should be medium ..

Soak in salt water for 15 minutes ..

Wash thoroughly using vinegar and salt ..
Then wash well and strain ..Keep aside ..

In a wide bowl add all items under marination.

Mix well..Then add beef pieces and mix well still all the masalas are well coated in each pieces..

U can increase or decrease the amount of corn flour ..

Then Close the bowl and allow to sit in the fridge for atlas 3 to 4 hours ..

I kept this marinated beef overnight in the fridge …

Take a nonstick kadai and heat oil ..

Take the beef out

Add these pieces in the oil and fry

Fry the entire beef in 3-4 batches ..

When done u can see the colour began to change into dark red to black,,

And the pieces will stick together .

So take pieces and keep in a kitchen tissue ..or strainer

Fry the rest in the same way ..
Then fry green chilli and curry leaves in the same oil and keep aside

Then heat 1 tsp of oil add ginger slices and garlic slices along with pinch of salt

Saute well until the raw smell goes ..

When done add fried beef and stir well ..Cook for 5 more minutes in medium flame ..

Then transfer in to a serving plate ..

If u want u can add onion cubes …

But I did this way and all my guest and family liked it very much ..

Can add more chillies for frying

Its such a simple recipe ,my husband said this beef chilli tastes similar to Thrissur Bini Tourist home Chilli Beef ..he he ..

Don’t say to anyone ;)especially to them !!!!

So dears try this and tell me how it turned out for u ..I am eagerly waiting for the result ….

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