Ep.10 – Our best CUCUMBER SALAD recipe! Healthy & Easy!

#1 Rated – CUCUMBER SALAD recipe!

The perfect blend of flavourful ingredients make this classic CUCUMBER SALAD the perfect accompaniment for virtually any main.

My aunt Alexandra first taught me how to make this CUCUMBER SALAD years ago and I’ve been enjoying it and showing people how to make it ever since – it’s that good.
I usually have all the ingredients for this recipe in the fridge, the only exception being the fresh dill. This year I’m growing dill in the garden so it’s there whenever this salad comes to mind.
The recipe is remarkably easy to pull together and my only suggestion is about timing – I think it’s important to prepare and then serve the salad immediately after you prepare it. Cucumbers have a tendency to release their juices once cut so any serious delay will leave you with a limp salad. Let’s face it, who enjoys a limp, listless salad?
If you go to make this at home or at the cottage here are your marching orders – make it and eat it straight away!
The classic CUCUMBER SALAD offers delicious flavours perfect for your next meal. Make it today!

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