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Pass Me The Paleo’s Paleo For Kids: 25 Quick and Easy Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

The Paleo Lifestyle is becoming extremely popular, but kids are picky, so what do they eat? In this book you will discover TONS recipes that will allow your kids to eat amazingly delicious, HEALTHY food!! What more could you ask for as it pertains to the health of you and your family? Here are all the great recipes you will enjoy Brownie and Cream Smoothie Primal Banana Shake Watermelon Granita Cinnamon and Egg French Bread Paleo Sandwich Bread Aubergine or Eggplant Jerky Strips Honey Garlic Ginger Asian Beef Jerky Breakfast Casserole with Ground Pork Savory Whole Egg Muffins Paleo Crackers Date and Cashew Nut Bars Yucca Strawberry Mini Tarts Celeriac and Bacon Squares Turkey Meat Patties Paleo Pork Bangers Blueberry and Maple Syrup Popsicles Pineapple and Melon Popsicles Moist Chocolate Paleo Donuts Cod Fish Fingers Sweet Potato Chips Ground Beef and Fennel Burgers Green Plantain Crackers Honey Lemon and Garlic Chicken Wings Sweet and Sour Pork Coronation Chicken

ISBN 1503181324

Alison Handley

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