Vegetarian Korean Bibimbap Bowls


Ingredients For the pickled vegetables 1 cup daikon radish matchsticks 1 cup carrot matchsticks 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar 1/3 cup rice vinegar 1/3 cup warm water For the tofu 1 (12-ounce) package extra-firm tofu, sliced into bite-sized pieces 2 tablespoons soy sauce 2 teaspoons cornstarch 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, divided For the cucumbers … Read more

Ginger Peanut Tofu Curry


Ingredients 500g firm tofu, cut into 1.5cm cubes 3.5 tbs olive oil 3/4 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp mustard seeds 200g | 1 large onion, roughly chopped 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped 40g | large thumb-size piece ginger root, grated 1 tsp ground turmeric 1 tsp ground cumin 1/8 tsp ground cardamon 1/4 tsp cayenne … Read more

Swiss Chard and Tofu Stir-Fry


Ingredients 2 tbsp. olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 (10-ounce block) firm or extra firm tofu (drained and pressed) 1 tsp soy sauce (or gluten-free tamari) 6 to 8 button mushrooms (sliced) 1 large bunch Swiss chard (any kind, chopped) 1/2 tsp. sesame oil 1/4 tsp. sea salt (or to taste) Optional: dash cayenne … Read more

Vegan Palak Paneer with Curried Tofu Recipe

Ingredients TOFU 1 15-ounce block firm tofu (drained, patted dry, and cubed) 1 ½ tsp curry powder (or store-bought) 1 Tbsp coconut aminos 1/4 tsp sea salt 2 tsp nutritional yeast (adds a slightly cheesy flavor) SPINACH 5 cups loosely packed fresh spinach (organic when possible // 5 cups equals ~6 ounces) Water VEGETABLES 1 ½ Tbsp avocado or coconut oil (or sub water + add more as needed) 1 ½ tsp cumin seed (or ground cumin) … Read more