How to Prepare and Drink Uji Matcha Powder – 2023 Guide

Japan is famous for many things apart from its beauty, shrines, and Buddhist culture. One such thing that Japan is famous for and exports to boost the tea exports of the country is Matcha. It is as unique as its name. It owes its origination to China, but it has become an important part of the tea ceremony in Japan – Chado. People have a distributed liking towards coffee and this tea.

Matcha powder is a vibrant and exotic green tea powder that is famous worldwide. Anyone can find its leaves under the bamboo tree. Having the mighty bamboo over its head, it gets a lot of space to grow away from the sun. It increases the degree of chlorophyll and others like theanine. Hence, the tea leaf grows to be very smooth and has a relatively better and less sour taste.

Matcha And Its Speciality

Uji matcha is one of the most popular types of matcha powder that has been gaining popularity for some years. The powder has gained specialty and owes the same to its unique usage and consumption. It is known as the only form of green tea in which people consume the entire tea leaf. Usually, people consume green tea in loose leaves or powdered formats. Another common way of consuming green tea is that people buy green tea boxes with sachets. The sachets can be dipped in hot water cups and consumed after that.

Uji matcha powder is special because it acts as an antioxidant powerhouse. Hence, it renders health benefits that are good enough to outshine any other tea, beverage, or drink.

The extra dose of energy that Uji matcha powder provides is its ingredients. It enjoys an explicit combination of 2 major products. These products are as follows:

  • Caffeine
  • Theanine

While caffeine is common, theanine is not a common ingredient in most teas except matchas. The powder has a good content of both of these ingredients. Matcha has a good consistency in them both. It is because of its growth patterns which include less sunlight for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Advantages Of Consuming Matcha Powder


Tea was considered a medicine for its calming properties. Gradually, it emerged as people’s favorite, and they started consuming it in their routine. Uji matcha powder has been in huge demand due to its series of benefits. Modern studies have also proved that including Matcha in one’s diet offers beneficial things to their everyday mood and lifestyle.

The health benefits of consuming this powder are as follows:

  • It has high antioxidant properties that help the person consuming the same keeps issues like stomach burning and acidity away. Consuming it is a good way to cleanse the body.
  • Consuming it helps people maintain their energy levels in the body throughout the day.
  • Consuming this powder in the form of tea also helps in boosting the functions of the immune system, followed by great mental support.
  • It has properties that help in keeping serious illnesses like cancer away.
  • Those looking for lifestyle changes that impact their skin and hair should also try this option. This powder has properties that improve the skin texture and quality and leaves a shining glow on the face throughout the day.
  • It helps people feel light and adds to their focus and concentration in various activities throughout the day.

Preparing And Drinking The Uji Matcha Powder

The Japanese tea product has the finest product as Uji Matcha, a part of many distinguished suppliers like Agresso, and many others. Uji matcha enjoys a lot of popularity owing to its properties and taste. Preparing and drinking this powder is not a huge task. For the preparation, 3 things are needed. They are as follows:

  • A matcha bowl that is known as the chawan
  • A bamboo stick for whisking known as the chasen
  • A teaspoon or scoop for measuring, known as the chashaku

Using a deep and wide bowl is recommended, and if anyone does not have something of a similar kind, they can consider using a soup bowl at home. The preparation strategy is as follows:

  • Take one spoon of this powder and place it in the bowl. If anyone strictly sticks to using a bamboo scoop, they can take two spoons of the powder.
  • Take 2-3 cups of water in a separate pan and keep it boiling. After the water hits the right temperature, one can transfer it to the bowl.
  • Use the whisker or any other stirrer to mix dry and wet ingredients. Make sure that there are no mold or clump formations. Mix until the end is straight, followed by the cross patterns that ensure that the products are mixed nicely and taste good. Ensure proper mixing; otherwise, the taste will be bitter, and many people will not like it.

After rinsing the whisker, anyone can keep it upright to use it for the next time.

People can drink Uji matcha powder drinks just like any other drink like tea or coffee. It is the best option for people who don’t want to include caffeine in the form of coffee in their diets. Also, it is a must-try for people who are bored of tea or want to try something tastier and more relaxing. For first-timers, it is a delicious option that makes them feel energetic, light, and happy throughout the day. The first sips of this powder touch one’s soul and help to cleanse the mind and body, adding to everyday functioning and productivity.


There is no need to rush while buying Uji matcha powder. There might be chances that, in a state of hurry, people buy the first thing they get their hands on, which hampers the taste and quality. Organic and superior quality matcha is recommended as its taste and experience will be top-notch. There is a quick tip for ensuring a good purchase. Ceremonial and latte grade Uji matcha powders are the best. They offer both quality and cost-effectiveness, followed by excellent whisking and cooking of different food and drink items.