How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Your Coffee Shop

If you are a coffee lover, you will think that the perfect blend of beans, water, milk, and sugar particles or powder is enough to awaken your soul in the morning. The first sip is enough to move like a dash of liveliness in the body.

What if you come across that the US is home to coffee consumption of more than 400 million cups in a day, and the coffee industry is one of the most expensive industries in the world?

It is only possible when good quality beans are available in the market and at shops.

That’s how important good quality beans are. You have to have your hands on the right one, especially when running a shop.

Here’s how you can ensure that you choose the best coffee beans for your shop.

Ground Vs. Whole Beans


Okay, so the first thing you need to check for if you want to buy the best beans for the shop is to choose between ground beans and whole beans.

There are several cafes patisserie shops, so if you want to be the favorite of your beloved customers, you should have the best beans to blend.

So, the gig is to go for whole beans and not ground ones. If you are getting up-to-the-mark reviews about the coffee and are using ground beans, it could be one of the reasons. It is because grounded beans miss out on the favor and freshness. They tend to become soggy, and they will not taste good.

The Place From Where Your Bean Comes From

Having the best coffee beans in the shop depends on the beans’ place of origin. After all, there’s a reason why the makers of the famous ‘Bournville’ chocolate choose to highlight the coffee beans of Ghana as a major ingredient of the chocolate.

The geographical location of the beans plays an important role in their growth and taste. Beans belong to different flavors and characteristics owing to their place of origin. A bean enjoys brownie points because of its soil, the degree of elevation at which it grows, and the growth patterns of the farmers who shape it as a part of their crop. These factors have an impact on the bean flavor.

Some of the places that offer the best beans are as follows:

  • Colombia – you’ll be surprised to know that it caters to 15% global need for coffee.
  • Guatemala – you’ll love the bean quality from this country.
  • Arabica – you’ll be surprised to know the variety of beans offered by this place.
  • Costa Rica – you’ll be happy to come across the rich walnut flavor from the coffee beans of this place.
  • Brazil – you’ll love your espresso with the beans from this place.

So, if you are dealing with providers from these regions, you have a bang-on chance to help your customers with the best coffee beans.

The Kind Of Roast Of The Bean


A good coffee bean supplier like ensures a proper roast for the bean. The bean’s degree of the roast will make a difference in its taste. So, while choosing the beans, take a look at the roasts, which are of three types as the following:

  • The lighter roast is good if you want to serve the demand of people who love a mild taste in their cup. As the name suggests, it is not roasted for a long time, so the taste is light. The caffeine dosage is high in these compared to dark roast beans.
  • The dark roast is a bright and shiny particle with an oily texture. If you love a darker and thicker taste of the beans while sipping your cup of espresso, this bean does justice to your taste buds.
  • The medium-degree roast is a familiar tone of coffee that people drink at home and is available in the hotel in powder form.

You should not delay your decision to buy the beans for the shop. You might think that coffee does not have a shelf life, so buying them now and using them as needed would be the right thing to do. But that’s not the case.

Day by day, it loses its quality, and the taste begins to deteriorate. Once the beans undergo the roasting process, they combine with the oxygen in the air; hence, their taste begins to reduce till the day they are used. So, it would be best if you were quick to use them and extract the best taste with freshness and amazing quality in your cup.

Don’t Forget To Check The Aroma

These beans have an enchanting aroma that induces coffee lovers to go for the strongest bean they like. Using an aromatic bean for the right blend is important for a mouthwatering experience for your customers. Hence, before buying the beans, you should smell them.

It will help you understand what kind of taste will reach the customers. But, you might be thinking that all customers have different tastes, so you should invest in beans of different blends. It will help to diversify the options, and you can deliver what your customers are looking for in the name of their favorite cup of coffee.

Bean Body, Test Of Tastes, And Certifications


Another thing while choosing the bag of beans for your shop is to look for the shape of the beans. They need not be perfect, but good to go for a perfect blend. It will be an added advantage if your supplier or manufacturer offers you to taste them. You’ll have a better idea of the quality and what you are investing for your customers.

Fairtrade certifications add to the credibility of the suppliers, and the supplier will be known for its product quality and good relations with the customers; hence if you seek transparency in dealings with mutual respect and trust in the quality and dealings, certifications matter. Hence, they should be a part of your considerations while buying the roasted beans for your shop.


So, beans can make or break the deal for your coffee shop. Choose your beans wisely so that you and your customers have every reason to visit your shop whenever they give in to their coffee cravings.