What Happens if You Drink Matcha Every Day?

You must have heard about matcha tea many times before. But do you know what are its health benefits? It is a green tea that is grown in Japan and does not undergo any heat treatment, unlike conventional green tea. Read below why you should consume it regularly. Matcha tea has become very trendy lately because of its health benefits. What does drinking matcha every day really mean? Can I get addicted to it? Is it safe?

Matcha is made from the ground green leaves of Camellia sinensis (also known as tea bush), harvested at their peak. This special preparation requires that the leaves be dried after plucking and then steeped in water, usually resulting in an opaque beverage called matcha. The color of matcha comes from its high concentration of polyphenols (antioxidants) and caffeine. These antioxidants act against free radicals produced during respiration and enhance immunity. The whole way of obtaining the tea, but also the way of using it, has given numerous benefits to people all over the world, and these benefits are great according to their effect on the human body. That is why a growing number of doctors, nutritionists, and healthy life leaders recommend it, especially when it comes to premium matcha, i.e. pure tea that is created in a unique and special process, which you can otherwise find at matchaoutlet.com and similar sites that offer herbal products. It’s also a great source of caffeine, and many people say it’s even better than coffee.

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Matcha contains less caffeine than coffee, around 50 mg per cup versus 200 or 300 mg per cup of coffee. According to research, daily consumption of matcha tea helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improves sleep quality, reduces stress, lowers cortisol levels, and boosts energy. Because of these effects, matcha tea is gaining popularity as a natural remedy for many conditions such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. What happens if you drink it every day? How can it help you? We bring you more information in the continuation of today’s article, and it remains for you to read to the end and see what this herbal drink that is easy to prepare can give you. Let’s get started!

What is matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground powder from specially grown green tea leaves. It is traditionally consumed in East Asia. To produce it, green tea plants are used that have been grown in the shade for three to four weeks. Their veins and roots are removed before processing. Literally, the word matcha means “tea powder”. When you order green tea the components of the leaves are placed in hot water, then removed and thrown away. With matcha, you drink the leaves themselves which are in fine powder form made into a solution.

Conditions in which tea can help if you consume it daily are:

1. It slows down the aging process

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This will appeal to a large number of people because we all have the same goal, which is to look vital for our age and keep ourselves youthful. Wondering why Japanese people look so young even in their later life? One of the reasons for the youthful appearance of the Japanese is precisely matcha tea, given the fact that it is the most popular drink in this country. A study also found that Okinawans have the longest life expectancy in the world. This is further evidence that matcha tea reduces oxidative stress in the body thanks to its antioxidants.

2. Prevents heart diseases

According to data from the last 10 years, the number of people who have heart problems is increasing on the planet. In order to prevent this number from growing, it is necessary for each of us to switch to a healthy lifestyle, but also to apply some changes in our lifestyle, such as, for example, the intake of products that will prevent the appearance of such conditions. A study conducted in 2011 showed that daily consumption of green tea significantly reduced cholesterol levels in each of the participants. So it is good for each of you to consume this tea to reduce the risk of heart disease and continue to live a healthy and carefree life.

3. It helps in reducing body weight

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You are probably well aware that green tea helps in reducing body weight, but matcha tea not only speeds up the metabolism but also helps fight against toxic fats in the body and reduces stress. Cortisol, or the stress hormone, is one of the main causes of weight gain. In addition to reducing stress, matcha tea is also a source of energy, suitable for consumption at any time of the day. That’s why it would be good to include it in your daily routine and enjoy this benefit, as well as the other benefits that this tea brings to each of you.

4. Improves mood

We live an everyday life that is stressful and brings many challenges in front of us that we need to deal with. In order to reduce stress, it is necessary to practice certain activities, but also to change habits, and one excellent habit is drinking matcha tea daily. Matcha, like regular green tea, contains a powerful amino acid known as L-theanine. This amino acid has a strong effect on brain functions, reduces stress, and improves mood. It is important to mention that this amino acid is present five times more in matcha tea than in regular green tea.

This drink with a beautiful color quickly spread as a trend all over the world. Your body will thank you if you drink matcha tea once a day. It is easy to prepare and even easier it can become a part of your everyday life. Therefore, make sure you find the best matcha tea on time and start consuming it daily in order to improve your life, protect yourself, and feel all the positive benefits that this beautiful drink brings to each of us.