Delicious Smoothie Recipes Your Kids Will Actually Love

Children are often problematic when it comes to food. Instead of healthy food, they prefer fried chicken, French fries, various sweets, as well as industrial juices that are full of sugar. All parents are aware that it is just a phase in growing up, but they still try to create better habits in children.

That’s why smoothies with a combination of different foods have been in trend in the last few years. This way you can whip up something healthy and still have a milkshake flavor that your child will love. And imagine how effective it would be if you used a stylish and modern smoothie cup to serve, along with all the dishes you can find at

However, nothing would be possible if you don’t have a few proven recipes at hand, which will help you offer something healthy for your child at any time.

That is why we will propose several interesting recipes, which of course, you can adapt according to your taste and needs or available foods.

1. Basic smoothie recipe

If your child drinks milk, you can use regular or vegetable milk. Plant-based, such as almond or rice, blend easily with smoothie recipes. One glass of milk, forest fruit, and one frozen banana is added to the basic recipe.

This is a recipe you can’t go wrong with. You can use additional toppings, but there’s really no need because this smoothie has everything you need to make it taste great and remind you of a store-bought milkshake.

Your kids will love it because it resembles ice cream. If you want to add vegetables, you can add a piece of beetroot to this combination. It will not change the taste, because the banana and forest fruits will dominate, but it will give an incredible pink color to the mixture, and it will also enrich the nutritional values.

2. Blueberry and apple smoothie


This smoothie is reminiscent of fruit yogurt, as it is made with Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, a banana, and clear apple juice. Use organic natural apple juice.

You can replace Greek yogurt with a vegan variety, such as coconut yogurt. Of course, this depends a lot on your taste or the child’s preferences.

3. Smoothies with hazelnuts and honey

If you like hazelnut butter, then why not make it part of your smoothie that you drink together with the family every morning? Use plant-based milk to which you add a tablespoon of hazelnut butter, a frozen banana, and honey.

Decorate with toasted and finely chopped hazelnuts, to highlight the taste even more.

4. A smoothie rich in lots of vitamin C


Once a week, prepare an orange smoothie that is rich in many vitamins, especially vitamin C.

The basis of this smoothie is orange juice, to which you add ginger and carrots. Note that the smoothie may be very concentrated, so add water as needed. You can always add some oatmeal to give it more thickness. But the advice remains to add water, especially if you are serving it to your children.

5. Smoothies with raspberries

There is nothing better than raspberries, and the combination with an apple tastes better than you can imagine. You can also add a few frozen cherries and you will get an incredibly intense pink color, which looks as attractive as a milkshake.

Use Greek yogurt and one tablespoon of rolled oats for every cup of smoothie you plan to make.

6. Mango smoothie


We believe that everyone loves the taste of mango. That’s why we suggest you make a smoothie from almond milk, a few pieces of mango, and a frozen peach that you previously cut into cubes.

To make the taste even better, we recommend adding a few drops of vanilla extract. If you use frozen peach and mango, then you will get an amazing texture of ice cream, which your children will love.

7. Coconut-flavored smoothies

Coconut is another flavor that most kids love. And of course, it is very easy to prepare such a smoothie that reminds you of a dessert. We recommend using coconut milk, frozen banana, almond butter, and coconut flakes.

Blend until you get a thick enough mixture and add water if needed. Enrich the flavor with a few drops of vanilla extract.

8. Smoothies with pineapple and spinach


Pineapple is great for masking the taste of vegetables. That is why the combination of pineapple and spinach is often a favorite of children. Make this smoothie with vegetable milk, preferably soy or almond. Add frozen pineapple chunks, two handfuls of spinach, or two frozen spinach briquettes, and top with oatmeal.

For older children, you can also use vanilla-flavored proteins. Blend well and serve. You will get a green smoothie with an amazing tropical taste. You can enrich it with a few pieces of mango, for an even fruitier taste, but that would change the color and not be intensely green.

9. Avocado and strawberries

Avocado is creamy and rich in nutrients. It’s also high in fat on its own, but if you combine it with frozen strawberries, you can have a completely rich breakfast meal. Use water or vegetable milk to get the most liquid texture.

10. Smoothies with cinnamon


If you combine frozen banana, almond milk, cinnamon, brown sugar, oatmeal, and vanilla, you will get a cinnamon roll-flavored smoothie. Of course, this would be a hit if your kids love cinnamon. If they don’t like it, then they won’t like this smoothie either.


As you can see, healthy food does not have to be a problem in your family. It’s enough just to be creative and test your own limits. Combine ingredients and follow what your kids actually like. That way it will be easier to make a smoothie that they will love and ask you to prepare for breakfast in the morning.

And of course, you can prepare each of these recipes for yourself. All are rich in many nutrients, and you can add other supplements, such as protein, for an even more complete meal that will meet your daily vitamin needs.