Recipe for Homemade Apple Pie

Apple tart is a warm and inviting dessert that will delight the taste buds of the whole family and friends. In this article, discover a simple and tasty recipe for a delicious homemade apple tart, with crisp shortcrust pastry and a gourmet filling.

Don’t wait any longer to start preparing this classic French pastry and delight your loved ones with this homemade dessert.

Step 1: making the shortcrust pastry

To make the shortcrust pastry, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 300g flour ;
  • 150g butter ;
  • ½ teaspoon salt ;
  • 3 tablespoons sugar ;
  • 8 cl water.

To begin, mix the flour, salt and sugar in a bowl, then add the butter cut into small cubes and work it with your fingers until you obtain a sandy mixture. Then add the water and knead until the dough forms a homogeneous ball.

Step 2: How do I make applesauce for pie filling?

To make a delicious applesauce filling for your tart, you’ll need to start peeling them and remove the core before cutting 4 apples into small cubes about 1 cm square with a quality knife like those from Couteau Morta. Choose firm, juicy apples that will hold up well to cooking.

In a saucepan, combine the apples with the water, sugar and, if desired, a little cinnamon. Cook over medium heat until the apples are tender and the compote has thickened.

As for the water in the applesauce, add it in small quantities to prevent it from becoming too runny.

Why add cinnamon to your applesauce?

Cinnamon is a popular spice used in apple pie to add a warm, spicy flavor. Just add a pinch or two to applesauce to give your pie a little kick.

Although cinnamon is optional, it’s highly recommended to add depth of flavor to your dessert. You can also sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of the tart before baking for an added visual effect.

If you don’t like cinnamon, other spices such as vanilla can be used as an alternative.

Step 3: Preparing and assembling the tart


After preparing the shortcrust pastry and applesauce, it’s time to assemble our homemade apple tart.

Roll out the shortcrust pastry

To do this, start by flouring your work surface and rolling pin. Then place your dough on the floured surface and press lightly with your hands to flatten it. Next, use your rolling pin to roll out the dough evenly, pushing it outwards from the center.

Once rolled out, gently transfer the dough to the mold and press against the edges.

It’s important to avoid using too thin or too thick a dough, to ensure even baking.

Add the applesauce

Now that we’ve prepared our succulent shortcrust pastry, it’s time to add the applesauce. Remember to distribute the applesauce evenly for a well-balanced tart. You can also add a personal touch to your apple tart by adding walnuts or caramel.

Arrange fresh apples on the compote

Once the compote is in place, it’s time to arrange 2 thinly sliced fresh apples on top. Start by arranging a first layer of apples, taking care not to overload the tart.

You can then add a second layer of apples for a more aesthetic effect.

Granny Smith or Golden Delicious apples are ideal, as they remain firm during cooking and offer a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity.

Sprinkle with sugar and/or cinnamon

Sugar adds a touch of sweetness that perfectly complements the acidity of apples, while cinnamon adds a warm, spicy flavor.

You can adjust the amount of sugar and cinnamon to suit your personal preferences. Some like to sprinkle generously, while others prefer a lighter layer to better appreciate the natural flavor of the apples, but if you want to add sugar, the ideal is to use no more than a tablespoon.

Step 4: Baking and presenting the apple tart


For a successful homemade apple tart, it’s essential to preheat the oven before placing the tart in the oven. This step ensures even baking and a crisp, golden crust. The oven temperature should be 180°C for 25 to 30 minutes.

Apple tart is delicious served hot or cold, according to individual taste. You can serve it with a little whipped cream or vanilla ice cream for an extra touch of indulgence!

Cooking tip: If the pastry browns too quickly, you can cover the top of the tart with aluminum foil to prevent it from burning. On the other hand, if the apples are undercooked, you can slightly extend the baking time.

3 tips for a successful apple tart every time

Choosing the right apples for the filling

Choosing the right apples for your apple pie filling is essential to the success of this homemade dessert. Granny Smith apples are often preferred for their fine texture and acidity, which balances the sweetness of the tart.

However, you can also opt for other varieties such as Gala, Honeycrisp or Golden Delicious, depending on your preferences. Make sure you choose firm, ripe apples, avoiding those that are too juicy to avoid a soft tart base.

Avoid overfilling the tart

It’s important not to overfill the apple pie, otherwise it may become soggy and difficult to eat. We recommend using around 6 apples for a medium-sized pie, and spacing the apple slices evenly over the compote.

Some people like to add extra ingredients such as walnuts or caramel.

Indeed, walnuts add a crunchy texture and earthy flavor that deliciously complement the sweetness of apples. Chopped walnuts can be sprinkled over applesauce before adding the apple slices.

Caramel is also a great option for adding a little something extra to your homemade apple pie. You can drape hot caramel over the apples before arranging them on top of the compote, or even make a salted caramel for a hint of salty flavor that pairs well with the sweetness of the apples and sugar.

However, be careful to add them sparingly to avoid overloading the tart!

Avoid overly juicy apples to avoid a soft tart base

Apples that are too juicy can make the tart base soft and difficult to cut into slices. To avoid this, use firm-fleshed apples such as Granny Smith, Pink Lady or Golden Delicious. These varieties are perfect for applesauce, as they retain their texture even after cooking.

What’s more, it’s best to remove the excess juice from the compote to prevent the tart base from becoming soggy.

In conclusion, by following this recipe for homemade apple tart, you’ll be able to create a classic and delicious dessert that will please all your guests!