What Is the Best Method of Cooking a Lamb Shank?

For meat lovers, lamb is a real treat. Due to the low content of connective tissue, the proteins in lamb, a favorite of most people, are easier to digest and therefore have an advantage over proteins from veal and chicken. If we are someone who practices a healthy diet, this type of meat will undoubtedly be on the menu along with fish, chicken, and beef. Like other proteins of animal origin, proteins from lamb meat have a high nutritional value.

They contain an optimal amount of basic or essential amino acids, which are necessary for the processes of renewal and synthesis of all body cells, and the body itself does not produce them. Lamb shanks are considered a delicacy, and the method of preparation is very important. Why? Given that it is about the legs, that is, a part of the body that is extremely muscular because the legs are the most active part of everyone’s body, it should not be surprising that these specialties require a little longer preparation so that the meat does not remain tough and difficult to chew. You can find here more about it. Anyway, here are some tricks you can use when preparing lamb shank.

Every housewife has her own secret when it comes to preparing certain foods. For the lamb, it is very important to prepare it the night before, that is, fry it a little with oil, and season it with spices as desired, of which salt is inevitable, and many will agree with rosemary. But don’t overdo it with rosemary because this Mediterranean herb has a strong smell that could overpower the whole dish if you cover the meat with it. Two sprigs of rosemary will be enough for a larger piece of meat. Overnight, the meat will soften and be ready for thermal processing the next day. When we talk about the preparation method itself, it depends on what kind of meat you like.

If you are a fan of healthier food and cooked meat, then it will be enough to put some spices in the water as desired and put the meat to cook. With this method of preparation, some kind of sauce will also be perfect, if, for example, mushroom sauce. Cooked lamb contains less cholesterol than chicken or turkey drumstick. Considering the composition and characteristics of the meat, it is recommended for patients who have problems with cholesterol, heart patients, and patients with poor blood count, and it is especially recommended as the first type of meat to be introduced to the menu of nine-month-old babies.

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If you still like the whole house to smell, then it is better to prepare the meat in the oven. In order for the lamb to be juicy like in the best restaurant, use one simple trick – pour lamb snacks with mixed water and milk before baking.

Another very useful trick is that the meat should never be roasted directly from the freezer, but it is recommended to let it rest for a while at room temperature. In this way, you will achieve the roasted meat gets a nicer color.

The temperature in the oven must never be too high. If you think that the dish will be ready faster that way – you are mistaken. The only thing you will achieve this way is that the meat will be hard and tasteless, and it will certainly be juicier if you bake it a little longer at a lower temperature. You can also peek occasionally and add a little water to make it moister.

Now a trick. You want to bake lamb shanks in the oven, but you don’t have enough time. What you can do is first boil the meat for a short time to soften it, and then put it on the grill for further heat treatment. In this way, you will prepare the meal faster, and it will not affect the taste itself. Young lamb is most often served with potatoes baked in the fat of this animal or with root vegetables. It goes well with scallions, peas, and green beans, as well as a sauce based on red wine and mint.

Meat dishes and meat as such have always been and remain the main source of protein, and apart from being rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, meat consumption gives our body strength for all important metabolic functions and is an important part of a balanced human diet.

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For many, it is a difficult task to choose a good piece of meat. By lamb, we mean the meat of an animal aged between three months and a year. If we say young lamb, then we are talking about an animal younger than three months. When choosing meat for roast lamb, it is important to know that lamb is light pink in color, while the meat of older animals is dark red in color. If you plan to prepare a delicious meat meal that you want to impress your friends, better half. or simply please yourself, the first step is to buy the right piece of meat. So, pay attention to the color of the meat, the smell, and the expiration date.

Long-term thermal processing at a low temperature guarantees the juiciness of the meat, which is so soft that it can be cut with a spoon. That’s why the most important part of this recipe is patience during preparation.

What if we have food left? It is difficult to prepare just the amount of food that is enough for you, there will always be leftovers. The good news is that lamb is just as good when chilled, and many people even like it better that way. Leave it in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch. What you can do is make it a chop, add some vegetables and sauce as you like, wrap it in a tortilla and you’ve got perfect gyros!